Barnsley Night Life

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Nights Out

When it comes to pubs, bars and restaurants in Barnsley, you’re really spoilt for choice. There are at least thirty pubs and bars within five minutes of each other just around the city centre itself. There are also three nightclubs in the town centre of which Mercury is one. Mercury is buzzing at night, the music is good and this is the club where most of the students hang out.

Hedonism is another Barnsley nightclub where the music is a mixture of chart songs and cheesy pop. The club has an in-house disc jockey and sometimes there spin the bottle wheel of fate games taking place. The third nightclub in the centre of town and the last to open is Heaven&Hell, one of a chain of nightclubs that are popular throughout the UK. Heaven&Hell is a big club, big enough to hold two and a half thousand people. A variety of music is played at this club, including rock and roll, indie chart and dance played over the two floors of the nightclub.

Out of the town centre pubs and bars, Bar One and Chambers are two of the more traditional inns where you can enjoy a meal and a quiet drink with family and friends. There are some more modern bars for the younger set including Blah Blah Bar and grill and The Pulse, both of these bars are close to each other as well as many more pubs and bars. A new addition to the club scene in Barnsley is the Citrus Rooms, with two floors, the music is chilled out and there is a large and comfortable seating area. Some of the music tends to be funky electro stuff.

Livingstone’s is a club on Peel Street in Barnsley it’s really busy, especially on Wednesday which is student night, although the music is mostly cheesy stuff. The club tends to be popular with the under twenty ones and those over 35. The pub is quite large and the cheesy commercial stuff is downstairs while upstairs is mostly R&B. There are fair sized bars on both floors of the club and a beer garden for those who smoke; things don’t get started until after ten. If you like to go out and eat as well as listen to some music while you have a few drinks then the Lucorum has a café/bar and a Mediterranean restaurant. Barnsley has a number of Chinese restaurants and takeaways for those who are into Chinese food.

Tempo is a pre-club bar that is open until 4am on Saturdays with DJs and house music or if you prefer rock and roll then the Arches is a rock pub with live music. If you are a jazz lover then you may want to go and see the live bands on Monday nights at the Silkstone Lodge and on Wednesday nights at the Strafford Arms in Wentworth. Although Barnsley has a population of less than a quarter of a million, it has the kind of night life that is usually only found in big cities.

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