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People visit Barnsley in Yorkshire’s West Riding for many reasons. Barnsley is a historical town noted for its linen and coal mining industries. Much of Barnsley’s town centre shopping is outdated and widespread, and there are plans to redevelop the town centre and improve its general shopping facilities. Even though the critics say that shopping is not good and needs redeveloping, there are still plenty of shops and stalls to attract the ardent shopper.

Like many other towns in England a lot of Barnsley shopping has moved to out of town retail centres containing supermarkets and other stores selling household items and daily necessities. Barnsley was originally a market town and it still has a thriving open market in the areas around Cheapside and May Day Green known locally as the Metropolitan centre. Open markets are always a draw for almost anyone because you never know just what you are going to turn up.

There are a good number of high street nationals in the Metropolitan Centre area such as Marks and Spencer and W.H. Smith. Barnsley also has a thriving market hall with more than three hundred stalls so it’s great for fruit, vegetables and meat; it is also a good place to bag a bargain. If you are one of the shop till you drop brigade then Barnsley’s open air market and market hall should give you plenty to think about. No matter what you are looking for, you will probably find it or something close in the markets. The market hall is open five days a week and there is a thriving antiques and collectors market. Like most towns and cities you can also find yourself a bargain at one or other of the town’s car boot sales. There are some good charity shops in Barnsley and these are always worth a look.

The shopping centre known as the Mall was opened in the nineteen nineties and houses prominent high street retailers such as Next, TK Maxx and Primark. On Queen Street you will find a branch of Wallis, Topshop and Dorothy Perkins. Most of Barnsley’s independent retail shops can be found on Market Street, Eldon Street and the Arcade. Most of the town centre shops are close to the bus station and there are plenty of bus stops dotted about the centre if you don’t drive.

If you are looking for something to wear on a special occasion then the Arcade is the place to find Barnsley’s designer boutiques. There are a number of independent clothing and shoe shops and you should be able to find something other than what is available on every high street in the country.

There are a large number of pubs, bars and cafes around the centre of the town if you want to stop for a break. The Alhambra centre is a short drive from the centre of town and houses a mix of around thirty retail stores and supermarkets. A German market with various stalls operates several times a year and especially at Christmas.

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